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Sean Cheesman Creative

Sean Cheesman Creative

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Sean Cheesman Creative is focused on Designing and Capturing unforgettable moments for Movies, Television, Music Videos and Live Stage Shows. Our team has worked with every major group from Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson to Andrew Lloyd Weber and Disney. We have been at the forefront of dance for decades and now we offer the creativity that continues to shape it. 


Live Show Creative Direction

Expert ideation and creative direction for a diverse range of live environments and entertainment. Notably, Switzerland’s world famous “Art On Ice” combines Figure Skating, Dance, Cirque and Recording Artists, with a new theme and story, touring the country every year.

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Sean Cheesman and his team are celebrated storytellers through movement. Their choreographic works spur emotion from the viewer. Music videos, stage shows, commercials and films have been the platforms for SCC’s movement to resonate with audiences from the 90’s to today. Iconic collaborations include Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston, as well as Sam Smith, James Blunt, Jessie J, Chaka Khan, Britney Spears and Disney. 

Producing Virtual Performances

With the entertainment landscape shifting to online, SCC can produce virtual and live streaming performances safely for artists to continue to entertain fans. SCC provides a full range of production capabilities from conceptual creation to live streaming/ post production, that allow us to create any type of performance for artists, producers and brands.

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Video Production and Photography

Cinematic production quality, paired with expertly captured photography abilities, have afforded the SCC team to work in Film, Fashion, Music Videos and Print formats. Innovative ways of conceptualizing, shooting and editing have developed a distinctive and highly sought after content style.

Stage and Lighting Design

Experiences in lighting stages across the globe, SCC offers an added level of capabilities by offering lighting design to its clients. This rounds out our offerings of services when developing live shows or content. 

Artist Development

SCC’s history with some of the world’s most prolific artists, gives us the ability to build and guide the new generations of recording artists. Musical arrangements, set lists and performance coaching are additional offerings SCC can bring to the table.

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